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  • Mother Chunkers(™) can last for a long time. Because there are no dairy and no eggs, our cookies will not “go bad,” but rather will dry out if not stored in an airtight container. They can last up to a month in an airtight container, but honestly, they usually get eaten before then.

  • If you want to enjoy your cookies at a later date, we recommend freezing the cookies instead of refrigerating. When the craving hits, you can eat them at room temperature once removed from the freezer or heat up in an oven at 325°F for 5-10 minutes or until heated through.

  • If the delivery is local, within 25 miles of DTLA, you have the option to get your cookies delivered with a $20 delivery fee. Otherwise, you can select shipping and we will ship to your address. For deliveries, please allow 24 hours for deliveries and 1 and 2 ground days for shipping $12.50, 2-day air shipping at $20 and overnight air shipping at $49

  • It is possible to deliver outside of the country. Please contact us at to discuss locations and to figure out the international shipping fees.

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